Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel Is Not Lead

Lead is toxic. There exists historical evidence that lead plumbing contributed to the Fall of the Roman Empire. The stuff is NOT good for you. From ScienceLab.com, here is the Material Data Safety Sheet for Lead, and for Lead Oxide (rust, corrosion). Continued, prolonged, improper exposure to lead, lead dust, lead oxide (red or yellow) can cause health problems.

Our design ensures that you will not have to worry about proper storage conditions or inadvertent exposure to dangerous toxins.

Stainless Steel Is Not Silicate (Sand)

OK, so Sea Sand, Feldspars, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, and Aluminum Silicates (as well as other Crystalline Silica) aren't necessarily toxic. But, it can cause other problems. First, its heaviest Specific Gravity is only 2.5, much lighter than Stainless Steel. Second, the diameter of sand is as small as 62.5 micrometers to only as large as 2 mm. Even with the strength and durability of Genuine CORDURA® nylon, the smallest imperfection will result in leakage.

Our design allows for a smaller bag and eliminates the need for an interior, or double-layered bag construction.

Stainless Steel Is Corrosion Resistant

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I offer into evidence, The Gateway Arch in St. Louis..

Our research and testing on the 300-Series and 400-Series Stainless Steel supports the assertion that the 300-Series (also known as Restaurant Grade) is noncorrosive in normal environments, which includes being submersed in fresh- and salt-water. 300-Series Stainless Steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion in harsh environments. Further, the 400-Series Stainless Steel, while not Restaurant Grade, is resistant to oxidation and corrosion in most harsh environments.

Then, there is this:

Stainless Steel

Corroded Steel

Side by Side

We had the opportunity to autopsy several ballast bags that came back to us. They had been manufactured by another company. Some had been made with steel, and some with stainless. All had been in a moderately harsh environment for only a few years. The results were remarkable.

We are exceptionally proud of our Stainless Steel Shot Bags and stand behind their design and construction without hesitation. If you would like more information about the Lowing Products Exclusive Stainless Steel Shot Bag products, feel free to contact us, or come by the office for a visit. We look forward to hearing from you.